Poster Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for the submission of Poster Presentations

Participants may choose to submit an abstract for consideration as a poster presentation. Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words.

Submissions should be made via

If accepted as a poster presentation; authors are requested to conform to the following guidelines for poster presentations:

  • The posters are to be in English, the official language of the Congress.
  • Changes in authorship should be communicated timeously to the Scientific Committee so that the necessary amendments can be made to the printed programme.
  • Recommended Poster Size:Poster board size — 2480 mm high x 990 mm wide.
  • Font:the poster must have clearly visible type face that is not smaller than 16 point.
  • Recommended Content: Maximum pertinent information should be provided in the poster. The poster should reflect:
    • The title (abbreviations should be avoided in the title).
    • The author/s & institutional affiliations.
    • E-mail address of corresponding author.
    • The objective of the study.
    • The methods used, if applicable.
    • A summary of the results obtained (or preliminary findings), if applicable.
    • The conclusions reached and/or recommendations made.
    • These are recommended guidelines. It is acknowledged that some posters may require a slightly different approach.
  • Attendance:The author of a traditional poster (in the case of a multi-author poster at least one author) must be present during the time slot allocated by the Scientific Committee to interact with and answer questions that delegates may have.

*Notification of acceptance by the Scientific Committee will be emailed to the presenting author. Detailed information, guidelines, and recommendations for oral or poster presentation, as well as time allotment, date, time, and venue will be duly sent to registered presenting authors. Presenters are responsible for putting up and taking down posters and should ensure that appropriate material is brought for this purpose (Double-sided tape or Prestik).