The South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association (SACNA) was formed in 1985 and was the first professional body for neuropsychology in South Africa. Since then, SACNA has played a leading role in the establishment of pathway for clinical neuropsychology in this country.

SACNA is a peer-credentialed association of psychologists in South Africa, who aim to promote and stimulate interest in the field of neuropsychology, while maintaining standards in neuropsychological practice. This is achieved by ensuring that its full members have demonstrated knowledge and competence in the field, by way of examination and peer review.

SACNA’s main aims are:

  • Spreading knowledge and skills to those interested in clinical neuropsychology;
  • Identifying and providing a body of individuals competent to advise on the teaching of neuropsychology and professional matters pertaining to it;
  • Fostering and encouraging the development of training facilities for clinical neuropsychology;
  • Encouraging international cooperation in neuropsychology; and
  • Supporting unitary and democratic healthcare in South Africa.

In addition, SACNA’s intention is to promote the professional development of clinical neuropsychology in South Africa,

  • through encouraging participation in training and CPD activities;
  • through maintaining regular meetings at regional levels attended by psychologists and related professionals;
  • through hosting a national bi-annual conference; and
  • through liaising and consulting with the HPCSA’s Professional Board for Psychology, and other bodies pertinent to the practice of neuropsychology in South Africa.

To view more www.sacna.co.za